Entrance doors are realized with wood and wood/aluminium systems with a thickness of 69, 78 or 92 mm. Available with every wood, they are produced using materials exclusively derived from reforestation areas.
The outside structure is in lamellar wood, while the inside of the panel is made by isolation elements like cork, styrodur or polystyrene. Panels are bifacial and ecothermic* and they could be veneered in essence for a traditional window or solid for antique, brushed, worm-eaten or smooth windows.
The most used inferior threshold is in aluminium for the high air and water resistance, but there is the hood variant (not good in areas particularly exposed to both the elements).
Three high capacity hinges (Zenit, Baka or Ursus) and three anti-intrusion locks (motorized, automatic or manual) are installed on the window.
About the finishing, entrance doors are painted with wood color or RAL color paints.
Smooth blind or pantographed entrance doors: always available with a thickness of 69, 78 or 92 mm, they are produced on demand and thanks to technologically advanced machinery they satisfy every customer taste. Their peculiarity is the low thermic transmission (lower is the transmission, higher are the performances) and the possibility to conciliate acoustic and thermic isolation.

*ecologic and thermic performance


Security doors are accredited to 2, 3 and 4 security classes in accordance with UNI EN 1627 norm.
Available with one or two doors, they combine the security required by the customer with the quality of Volume’s products.
Standard doors have:
– a press-formed steel door with strong vertical reinforcement
– a press-formed steel frame oven finished with RAL 8014 color
– gum gasket
– an outside blocking profiles edge built with a brown plate
– strong adjustable hinges with ball bearings
– an acoustic isolation kit (40 dB) and a thermic isolation kit through mineral wool
– high security lock
– lock protection plate
– lower lateral lock
– upper or upper lateral lock
– bronzed aluminium handles
– panoramic peephole
– fixed beak on the hinges side
– opening limiters
– mobile hood threshold
The wide range of panels allows to satisfy every customer, because panels could be in essence, pantographed or ennobled. The constant innovation is permitted thanks to the qualified staff always reaching the most modern ideas about design and architectural scopes.