The company moved over the years from the original location to the current one, in the town of Mondovì, in the province of Cuneo. Volume Serramenti is specialized in the production of doors and windows, front doors in wood, wood/aluminium and wood/bronze and internal wooden doors. The company’s mission is to constantly look for the highest quality products on market to provide customers with the highest quality workmanship, which is certified and conforms to international standards. A specialty of our company is the ability to reconcile technologically advanced machinery whit the craftsmanship of the past. The products are made with the utmost respect for the environment using woods belonging to reforestation programs and finished with water-based paints.
The company does a four cycles finishing. Every cycle is certified and improves the quality and the durability of the products. This allows to give a ten years guarantee for wood and RAL finishes.
The professional staff also produces sample paints to satisfy every customer demand.


The company was founded in 1911 in Torre Mondovì, in the province of Cuneo, when Francesco Volume in his small home workshop began to work with wood. Towards the middle of the century his son Ernesto picked up the legacy and passed on the secrets of the trade to his sons Claudio and Francesco, the current owners of Volume Serramenti.
After three generations, the passion for this sector has been maintained and geared to customer satisfaction. Volume Serramenti, thanks to technologically advanced machinery and qualified staff, is able to produce furniture elements according to the customer taste.
Cabinets, kitchens, everyday objects like postboxes, shoe racks, tables and every other desire, all is perfectly recreated and adapted for all the buildings.